Students of the Siberian School of Geosciences at INRTU study geophysics with Professor Valeria Zadorozhnaya from South Africa

Students of the Siberian School of Geosciences (SSG) study petrophysics and geophysics under the guidance of visiting professor fr om South Africa Valeria Zadorozhnaya

Valeria Zadorozhnaya is a graduate of Saratov State University. At the Nizhne-Volzhsky Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics she worked her way up fr om an engineer to a leading researcher. In 1998 Valeria Zadorozhnaya emigrated to South Africa, wh ere she worked in the Geological Survey (Council for Geoscience, Pretoria).

Valeria Zadorozhnaya learned her engineering teaching methods at the University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology, wh ere she was an extraordinary professor for more than three years. She now works for a company engaged in electrical exploration using drones.

It should be noted that in 2015 Valeria Zadorozhnaya gave a lecture on induced polarization of rocks at the All-Russian School-Seminar on Electromagnetic Sounding of the Earth named after M. N. Berdichevsky. At the forum in the Irkutsk region the guest from South Africa was interested in the way INRTU representers measure the formation of the electromagnetic field with a grounded line.

At the moment the professor is actively cooperating with Yuri Davydenko, SSG Marketing and Project Training Director, on the interpretation of drone survey data. At the end of the lecture course Valeria Zadorozhnaya will determine with which of the students and on which topics she will prepare research papers.

«In co-authorship with Yuri Alexandrovich Davydenko, we successfully presented five thesis statements, including a report at the September conference in Turkey. We intend to further develop our research projects.

INRTU students showed a high level of knowledge, and most importantly, motivation to master geophysics. We will continue individual work with the most interested students so that everyone could study the chosen topic well,» shared her impressions and plans Valeria Zadorozhnaya.

Ivan Vasilyev and Pyotr Minov, professors of the Geological Survey Technical School, organized a practical field study for the students. Using «Cycle» electrical surveying equipment, INRTU students ran rectangular pulses and received eddy currents, which can be measured to determine the structure of the area. The method is actively used in engineering geology and geological exploration. The students will be able to include the obtained measurements in their coursework.

Fourth-year student Artyom Skryabin chose the profession of geophysicist, following the example of his parents. He already has a lot of practical experience. Previously, the student worked in PF Irkutskgazgeofizika (OOO Gazprom nedra), in summer 2022 he performed well logging at the Chayanda oil, gas and condensate field. According to Artyom, the knowledge of electrical prospecting acquired at Valeria Zadorozhnaya's lectures will help him in his future professional activities.

«We were briefed on electrical prospecting by Yuri Alexandrovich Davydenko, and in the class we carried out mathematical calculations. Valeria Yurievna Zadorozhnaya explained the history of electrical prospecting and described the methods of geophysics based on the creation of electromagnetic fields.

With great interest we listened to the scientist's story about life and development of science in the Republic of South Africa, which significantly broadened our professional horizons.

Upon graduation, I intend to work at PJSC Gazprom using the knowledge and skills gained at the classes at INRTU Siberian School of Geosciences and invited professors,» said Artyom Skryabin.

The new building of Siberian School of Geosciences (SSG) of INRTU was opened in October 2022.