Scholarship of Irkutsk Aviation Plant awarded to 16 students of INRTU

For the 20th time, Irkutsk Aviation Plant, Irkutsk Branch of Irkut Corporation, awarded personal scholarships to talented students of INRTU and Irkutsk Aviation Technical School. The awards ceremony took place in the conference hall of IAP on November 17

Scholarship holders of Irkutsk Narional Research Technical University became 16 students who were awarded 30,000 rubles each. The amount of money award for students from Irkutsk Aviation Technical Schoo amounted to 21 thousand rubles.

Alexander Marochkin, Director of Personnel Management at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, told students about the activities and prospects of the plant:

"The plant employs more than 12 thousand employees, by 2030 this number will be increased to 17 thousand people. We produce modern aircraft for military, educational and civil purposes. The company is proud of its MS-21 passenger aircraft.

Only highly qualified specialists should be involved in the development and operation of such equipment. Your knowledge, acquired in educational institutions, will enable you to successfully cope with production tasks.

In the future, it will be you who will have to create and modernize the aircraft, to deal with issues of import substitution."

Denis Kozhemyakin, a future mechanical engineer, is a fourth-year student at School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport. For two years in a row, the polytechnic student has undergone practical training in the plant's piping workshop:

"Thanks to my experienced mentors, I learned a lot of work processes and consolidated my theoretical knowledge.

We did not have aircraft builders in our family before, but my parents approved of my choice of profession. In the future I plan to work at the plant and study for my master's degree at Irkutsk Polytechnic University."

Elena Androsova, a fifth-year student, was also awarded the honorary title of Irkutsk Aviation Plant scholarship holder. The student successfully combines her studies at the university with her work at IAP as a process engineer.

"I have an excellent track record in practice, so I was invited to join the group for managing the technological configuration of components of civil aircraft products. I enjoy applying theory in practice and working in such a friendly team", said the five-year student.

Elena Androsova added that she recently got married and plans to use her scholarship to renovate her flat.