Results of an inter-university web development hackathon summed up at Irkutsk Polytechnic University

Irkutsk Polytechnic University summed up the results of an inter-university hackathon in web development. The project defence and award ceremony took place on 27 May at INRTU.

The project, which started on 20 May, was organised by the INRTU Centre for Software Engineering under the guidance of Associate Professor Vadim Arshinsky. During the week, participants were asked to create a timetable for Mumi-dale University, where Mumi-Trolls, Snorkies and Mumriks study. A minimal working solution should look at the timetable for a particular group, teacher and classroom, and provide a calendar of events.

Six teams from Irkutsk Technical University, Irkutsk State University of Railway Transport and Irkutsk State University reached the finals of the intellectual tournament.

The projects of the competitors were judged by the expert committee consisting of the employees of the Centre of Software Engineering Vadim Arshinsky, Irina Serysheva, Elizaveta Osipova. Participants also received feedback from representatives of IT companies - Vera Susol, a UX specialist of 1PS.RU, and Alexey Zhukov, head of the IT department of OnlineTours Ltd. The jury was chaired by Mikhail Katashevtsev, associate professor of the centre, who worked out the task of the hackathon.

The first to present the schedule for Mumi-Dale University was presented by Oleg Lukash, Kirill Yugov, Dmitry Kryazhev and Ekaterina Averyanova from the "ahegao" team. They created a functional interface, fulfilling all the conditions of the jury. The schedule included six activity areas, including a winter garden, a loft, a grotto, an observatory, by the lilac bushes and a dance floor.

The experts rated Win+R team from IrGUPS highly. They provided a weekly format, navigation, brief description for each lesson, filled the site with information about events and projects, which are held in Mumi-Dale.

The team of Irkutsk State University and Irkutsk Polytechnic University approached the task of the hackathon in an unusual way. The contestants presented a schedule using the metaphor of a clock - in the format of a 'circular' chart with a rotating arrow.

"Wild Web Workers" from INRTU developed a website adapted for mobile devices, creating an effective search by groups, professors and classrooms. They also provided 'pair transfers'.