Irkutsk National Research Technical University joined the All-Russian «Tolles Diktat-2022» campaign

INRTU hosted the all-Russian open event «Tolles Diktat-2022» (Class Dictation-2022). The aim is to popularise the German language and develop a culture of literate writing in German language. For the fourth time our university acted as a closed venue for the event. Sixty four polytechnics took part in the event. According to Pavel Boldakov, associate professor of the Department of Foreign Languages at INRTU, participation in the dictation exercise for students of Irkutsk Polytechnic University has become a good tradition. On the one hand, such events increase students motivation to learn a foreign language because they introduce a novelty element into the learning process. On the other hand, they are a form of independent assessment of the quality of learning and help teachers assess the competence of students.

The dictation could be written in levels of difficulty which corresponded to the criteria for foreign language proficiency on the European scale (from A1 to C2 level). This year polytechnic students tried their hand at A1-A2 level texts.

The competition committee decided to award diplomas to first-year students of the Institute of High Technologies Elizaveta Koval, Olga Avdeeva, Snezhana Kurmygina, Julia Antipieva, Alena Prokopchenko, Semen Tarasov, Valeria Starnovskaya, Daria Mokritskaya, Evgeny Boyarkin and sophomore Daniil Prokofyev of the Institute of Power Engineering and Transport.