INRTU students were lectured by experts in VR and big data

The participants of En+ Group's educational project on information technology received lectures from the industry's leading experts. With the help of the invited speakers the students learned about the end-to-end VR technology in the industry, big data analysis and processing. The obtained knowledge will allow the students to understand the mechanism of implementation of modern technologies in various production spheres in order to subsequently apply them in preparation of their own projects or in practice.

According to the lecturer who leads the development of digital twins in virtual reality, VR helps to connect spaces, parts and mechanisms with each other, and thus solve the most important production tasks, saving significant resources for finding solutions. The expert of the group of companies on web-development told about working with big data, algorithms and typical mistakes that should be considered and avoided in professional activities.

"Involvement of visionary experts allows IT Academy students to expand the horizon of perception of the world around them, to understand how bright and progressive people see it. Due to them, companies implement bold ideas and become the driving force of development in various spheres of human life," emphasized Aleksei Govorkov, Director of the School of Information Technology and Data Science

The IT Academy was established by En+ Group in 2021 to strengthen the human resources core and conduct large-scale digitalization at the Group's production enterprises in the energy and metallurgy sector. It is held on the basis of Irkutsk National Research Technical University. More than 120 students are currently enrolled in two streams of the academy. Graduates from the academy are guaranteed employment, competitive salaries and a set of social guarantees. The En+ Group's educational programs came about thanks to the company's founder, Oleg Deripaska. The entrepreneur believes that the key to a successful business and a stable economy is the dynamic development of the regions and helping talented young people to acquire the necessary skills and competence, closely connected with real production.