INRTU student Tatyana Bryleva is a laureate of the regional contest «My Legislative Initiative»

INRTU student Tatyana Bryleva won the first contest «My Legislative Initiative» in memory of Ludmila Berlina. She proposed to improve the regional law on deputy audit. The awarding ceremony was held at the meeting of the Youth Parliament at the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region

Chairman of the Youth Parliament Ivan Komelkov said that the aim of the project is to involve young people in the processes of economic and social development, local laws adoption, state policy implementation.

The participants presented the jury creative works in the field of science, culture, small and medium business, healthcare and ecology.

Tatiana Bryleva, a final-year student «Jurisprudence» program, became a laureate of first grade. She presented a research on the topic «Deputy inspection as a form of regional parliamentary control: problems of legal regulation and practical implementation (on the example of the Irkutsk region). Scientific supervisor became associate professor Alexey Samusevich.

The student proposed to amend the law of the Irkutsk region «on the deputy inspection» to improve the effectiveness of the regional regulatory framework. Grounds for procedure can become any information on the facts representing the public importance, entailing negative consequences for the population. This information concerns violation of rights and freedoms of citizens, non-execution of regional laws and programs, disputable decisions of officials who dispose state property, etc.

Besides, the author considers it important to set the term of execution of the deputy's decisions - three months. In her opinion, it is possible to eliminate the causes that triggered the inspection in no more than three months.

Tatyana Bryleva also won the «National Treasure of Russia» contest last winter. The author initiated a project allowing law enforcement agencies to legally monitor information in social networks. The defense of the presentation was held in the Center of creative industries ARTPLAY (Moscow).