INRTU professors are in the list of two percent most cited scientists in the world according to Stanford University

INRTU Baikal School of BRICS professors Denis Sidorov, Samad Noeiaghdam and Konstantin Suslov were included in the list of two percent most cited scientists in the world. Stanford University compiles the ranking annually

More than 200 000 researchers received high marks for their work. 967 of them represented the Russian scientific community.

Denis Sidorov is head of Baikal School of BRICS Industrial Mathematics Lab and chief editor of iPolytech Journal. In cooperation with colleagues Denis Sidorov develops theories and numerical methods for solving new integral and differential models of nonlinear dynamic systems. The project is implemented with funds allocated in 2021 by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF).
This year the scientist has published 14 articles in highly ranked journals included in the Scopus database. His work was cited 309 times. Denis Sidorov plans to take an active part in the implementation of BRICS STI Programme. This is a joint project of INRTU, Indiana University of Technology, and Central South University (China). Scientists will develop new mathematical models and methods for managing cyber-physical systems in multi-energy microgrids.

Konstantin Suslov, head of the Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering, supervises the educational program dedicated to modern energy technologies. His work has been published in highly cited journals — Renewable Energy (IF — 8.634), Energy Reports (IF — 4.937), Energies (IF — 3.252) and others. In 2022, Konstantin Suslov published 16 articles on energy supply of isolated areas, applications, integration of renewable energy sources. He intends to involve students and young scientists in the research and to implement developments in industry.

Samad Noeiaghdam, a professor of Baikal School of BRICS, conducts research in the Industrial Mathematics Laboratory, reviews scientific research, he is also a guest editor in several Q1-Q2 journals (Scopus/Wos). In 2022, he published 29 research articles in Scopus base journals. The professor’s scientific works were cited 243 times.

Photo by the INRTU press service