INRTU offers Master’s programs in collaboration with large IT companies

INRTU has launched unique Master’s programs in IT sphere in cooperation with three international IT companies. These companies are: “1C-Forus”, one of the largest world partners of 1C Company, which has offices in Indonesia, Russia and Mongolia, and “1C Vietnam”, a subsidiary of 1C Company in Vietnam.

The companies offer internships, scholarships and future employment to the graduates.

Let’s be specific about each program:

 1. “Enterprise and Business Information Systems (Joint program with 1C-Forus. Mongolia)” is a double-degree Master’s program (1+1) delivered together with Mongolian university of Science and Technology (MUST).

Within this program, students develop strong understanding of the automation of business processes from the prospective of company commitment. During lectures, workshops and trainings students learn about the functions and purpose of modern Enterprise Business Systems, and study how to model business processes to meet the needs of the companies.

First year of study proceeds at INRTU, the second year – at MUST. Upon graduation students are awarded with Master’s degree at both universities. During their 4th semester students undergo an internship at 1C-Forus company in Mongolia.

2. ”Enterprise and Business Information Systems” is an English-taught joint program with 1С-Forus Indonesia.

It has similar learning outcomes as the first program, but Enterprise and BIS is delivered at INRTU for all 3 semesters, and then students leave for Indonesia, Jakarta to have internship at 1С-Forus Indonesia company or other industrial partners of INRTU.

3. “Enterprise and Business Information Systems (Joint program with 1C-Vietnam)”  gives students profound knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and technological components of intelligent information systems, databases and integrated management systems. Students learn on the latest 1C:Enterpise Platform, and become fully prepared for working as an designer or developer.

This program will be of interest for those who would like to train and work in Vietnam, since 1С Vietnam company (Hanoi, Vietnam) offers internships and future employment to the students upon graduation.

You can win scholarship which covers studies at any of these Master’s program!

Every year INRTU announces Hackathon of IT solutions for business, a competition for bachelor’s graduates with little or no background in writing codes. 1C-Forus company and 1C –Vietnam are sponsors of this competition and awards several winners with scholarship covering the tuition fee for the 1st and 2nd semester at INRTU.

Upon graduation the brightest students are offered employment to 1C-Forus Mongolia, 1C-Forus Indonesia and 1C-Vietnam.

If you would like to sign up for the scholarship events, learn about application deadline and documents for enrollment to these Master’s programs, please contact our International Admission office.