Graduate artists of INRTU depicted the energy of creation in the form of mosaic panels and stained glass windows

The presentation of complex artwork was held on June 23rd as part of the defence of final qualifying works. The scientific supervisors of the works were Dmitriy Dorokhin, head of the department, and Grigory Sverdlov, senior lecturer.

During the presentation the young authors said that «The Energy of Creation» reflects the path of the creator, which begins with the birth of the idea, continues with the formation of the idea and reaches the culmination. The path is made up of three puzzle pieces reflecting the continuity of life.

The idea was born fr om a mosaic by Maria Baranova on the right wall. The viewer is then focused on the left part of the art piece, created by Maria Antonova. This work plays an important role in the overall concept — it acts as a link between the right wall and a stained-glass window by Natalya Tayurskaya.

The creative projects are executed in combined technique. The young authors used modern and long-lasting materials — ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, decorative plaster and paint.

Maria Antonova told the background to the Energy of Creation project:

«As part of our fifth-year internship, we were selecting objects and developing sketches of the decorations. We liked the space in the „I building“- it has a large window and a spacious area for implementing the most creative ideas.

The building houses the Department of Geology, Geophysics and Geographic Information Systems, as well as classrooms for administration and finance. We have reflected all this in the themes of our works. Yellow and gold symbolise the sun, green is associated with fertility, dark green represents abundance, and grey is static and motionless.»

The diploma student Natalia Tayurska created a stained glass window using the Tiffany technique and using brass profiles in the frame for the strength of the glass fabric. She also expanded the artistic possibilities of the stained glass window by painting on glass.

The authors are convinced that the monumental design adds esthetics to the interior and gives it an identity as well as enhances the navigation in the university space.

The State Examination Commission, chaired by Natalia Sysoeva, Director of the Irkutsk Museum of Art, highly commended the work with an «excellent» rating. The experts noted the immensity and detailed elaboration of the creative projects.

Graduates, in their turn, thanked Irkutsk Polytechnic for the given possibility to realize author’s ideas. A special gratitude was expressed to the rector’s adviser Elena Mozhayeva.

«We are happy to uphold the tradition that the chair’s founder, Vitaly Georgievich Smagin, established. This year’s graduates have done a tremendous job. They worked hard every day to decorate the university with such dignified art objects," says Elena Mozhayeva.

According to Dmitry Dorokhin, the graduates started working on the materials in April:

«We were able to bring the three works together harmoniously, to create a high-quality artistic ensemble. In building „I“ the interior colour schemes had already been created, we had to complement them competently, to consolidate the result.

We would like to thank Roman Grinyuk, Head of Campus Management, and Mikhail Musorin, representative of the INRTU student team „Level“, for their support.

This year we have placed a QR code with an abstract next to each work, wh ere the authors talk about the creative concept of the project in a video clip format».

There are currently over 100 mosaic panels at INRTU. Employees of the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after v. G. Smagin have already developed several excursion routes for guests of Irkutsk Polytechnic University.