13.04.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering

Optimization of developing power supply systems

2 years

About the program

It is necessary to master the methods of mathematical automation and the theory of decision-making in the problems of forming the parameters and operating modes of power supply systems; methods of multi-parameter and multi-criteria optimization; methods of expert assessments, decision-making with probabilistic, vague and uncertain information; optimization in conditions of various forms of ownership. Know the methods for assessing the parameters of power supplies for electrical networks, the reliability of power supply under changing switching states of the system, electrical loads, zones of influence of violations in complex power grids, decomposition of systems according to various technical characteristics; automated state control of power supply systems, voltage quality analysis based on a set of standardized and economic indicators. Know the means and methods to reduce energy consumption and energy losses.

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to competently evaluate modern technical solutions;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Opportunity to commercialize the results of your research activities (start-up);
  • Skills in research activities.

Career opportunities

The acquired basic professional skills are the basis for successful further professional development and career building in organizations of the corresponding profile, and make it possible to occupy engineering and managerial positions of energy enterprises and in the future, managers and employees of relevant ministries and departments. Also, a master's degree gives the right to conduct pedagogical activities in higher and secondary educational institutions.
Graduates of the master's program can continue their studies in full-time and part-time postgraduate studies at INRTU, ISEM SB RAS and other scientific and educational organizations.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Fees and funding

50 000 ₽ *
Per year
*Part-time mode of study is also available. For the detailed information about tuition fee and the training period please contact International admission office

Entrance exams

Applicants take the special discipline related to the field of master's degree program in Russian language.

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