20.03.01 Technosphere safety

Technogenic safety

5 years

About the program

The field of professional activity of bachelors includes ensuring the environmental safety of humen and enterprises in the world. Bachelors can assess and manage environmental risks. If you care about the fate of the planet and you want to work to preserve the quality of the environment, this major is for you.
Our graduates know how to reduce the man-made impact on the natural environment, preserve human health through the use of modern technical means of cleaning emissions and waste management.
While studying under the program, you will be able to choose an educational trajectory in various areas of technosphere safety. We provide basic knowledge for a successful career in the fields of environmental safety in industry and occupational safety.
The preservation and protection of the environment are the main goals in the work of our graduates. We train interdisciplinary specialists capable of solving professional tasks at the most modern level and able to withstand the challenges of the future.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn how to identify the sources of environmental threats at the enterprise, assess them and analyze risks in the field of environmental safety.
  • You will be able to organize and conduct an environmental audit, propose measures for the sustainable development of the company

Career opportunities

If you are concerned about saving the environment and sustainable development issues, you can become an environmental support and audit specialist in industry
If you want to make the world safer, learn what to do with industrial waste, you can become an expert in industrial waste management;
If you are interested in engineering and technology, you can become an expert in the field of environmental safety;
If you are interested in science, want to discover and create new knowledge, then you can get a master's degree in technosphere security


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs: Department of Economics and Digital Business Technology
Associate Professor: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology named after V.V. Tuturina
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology named after V.V. Tuturina
Senior Teacher: Department of Mechanics and Strength of Materials
Deputy Director: School of Extramural and Evening Education

Fees and funding

182 100 ₽ *
Per year
*Part-time mode of study is also available. For the detailed information about tuition fee and the training period please contact International admission office

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian or provide CEFR level B1, TORFL level 1 or equivalent to the Russian-taught program.

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