07.04.01 Architecture

Modernisation of architectural environment

2 years

About the program

IRNTU Master’s Degree Program is the modular training system. A qualitative difference of the educational program is the coordinating roles of the department and of the supervisor of the thesis, has parallel training, when the student's practical activity is considered an integral part of the training program. This made it possible to form the entire training program in accordance with the student's chosen research topic and created a favorable atmosphere for scientific and creative search. The IRNTU Master's program supports an individual approach in the education of every student. The subjects that from the modules are given taught intensive theoretical courses of 12-14 weeks, which the effectiveness of mastering the material.

Learning outcomes

  • The modules program for semesters are distributed in such a way that the student can first form an idea about the main issues of the modern architectural environment, problems and methods of scientific research through theoretical courses. After that, in the second semester and the third semester the student independently selects the subjects necessary for individual research (module of variable subjects). The fourth semester consists of practice and independent work on an individual topic. At this stage, the student's work is nearing completion, and a large amount of independent research allows the student to focus on the final results and successfully defend the thesis project.

Career opportunities

In practice, students can specialize in any of the following areas: architecture, planning, landscape architecture, urban regeneration, CAD and management, urban design, environmental assessment, rural planning, planning, third world planning, urban conservation and European planning.


Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

173 400 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian language.

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