13.04.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering

Forecasting and strategies for the development of energy systems and complexes in the region

2 years

About the program

Students will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of forecasting and strategies for the development of energy systems and complexes, allowing them to work in scientific institutions and energy companies in management positions. The program provides basic knowledge of the development of energy systems and complexes, and can also serve as a basis for advanced training of employees of energy companies. A feature of the program is training on the basis of the Institute of Energy Systems. L.A. Melentyev SB RAS, Department of Power Systems and Complexes. In the course of classes and in the implementation of research work, a material and technical base with modern equipment is used, advanced scientific developments of the ISEM SB RAS employees are used. The specialists of the institute involved in training have many years of research experience in the field of creating the functioning of electric power systems and complexes, practical experience in managing energy companies, analyzing and assessing global trends in the electric power industry; state priorities in the field of energy; regional features of the fuel and energy complex development.

Learning outcomes

  • Skills of organizational and management activities;
  • Skills in research activities.

Career opportunities

Potential employers: federal and regional executive authorities, ministries of energy and housing and communal services, scientific organizations, design organizations, energy companies. Graduates of the master's program can continue their studies in full-time and part-time postgraduate studies at INRTU, ISEM SB RAS and other scientific and educational organizations.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

173 400 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the special discipline related to the field of master's degree program in Russian language.

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