09.03.01 Computer science

Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing

4 years

About the program

The program "Business intelligence and digital marketing" invites you to become a specialist in the field of business IT.  The main areas of study devoted to computer science and data analysis together with economics, business and marketing.
In today's world, every transaction leaves a digital footprint – whether it's a visit to a website, a purchase in an online store or ordering a cab in an app. Such "footprints" accumulate in huge volumes and becomes the fertile ground for extra development opportunities and is of particular interest to businesses.
Analyzing this data to discover additional possibilities can be done by Data Scientists and Business Analysts together with Marketers. The program “Business intelligence and digital marketing” trains professionals at the intersection of both these fields, allowing graduates to work at the most relevant points of profit generation.

Learning outcomes

  • Fundamental skills of giving IT-answers to business-questions
  • Knowledge of management and implementation of projects
  • Ability to form business goals and digital strategies at the company management level;
  • Competence in defining data strategy and tactics;
  • Skills of organization of data collection, preparation and cleaning; analyzing data using machine learning and other techniques;
  • Ability to change an organization's digital behavior.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in the areas of high-tech business, where specialists are most in demand: business analysts, Data Scientists, IT-consultants, IT-project managers, system architects - where a specific IT approach to economic issues is needed.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor: Department of Humanities
Director of the Language Testing Center: Baikal School of BRICS
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Industrial Mathematics Lab
Associate Professor, Head of the Center: Data Analysis and Data Governance Center
Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs: School of Information Technology and Data Science
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Industrial Mathematics Lab

Fees and funding

200 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

English language (or provide TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent); Mathematics.

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