Jeff Shubert
Professor: Schools and Departments, Baikal School of BRICS (since 2018)


Education, degrees
Bachelor and Arts (History and Politics), Adelaide University, Australia




Senior economist in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (Canberra and Sydney), Chief Economist (HSBC Group Australia), Chief Economics and Taxation Adviser, Australian Business Chamber, Head/Director of International Centre for Eurasian Research (RANEPA), Visiting Professor on Russian Foreign Policy in Asia (Higher School of Economics National Research University), Professor of International Business (Irkutsk National Research Technical University).
"Dubious Economic Partnership: Why a China-Russia Free Trade Agreement Is Hard to Reach", "China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies", Winter 2016; "Russia's Technology Push: What is it? Who believes what?" in Baltic Rim Economies, Issue 1, 2017 (page 58);  "Russia Under Threat?", "Defence and Intelligence Norway", March 2017; "Putin's unrealistic dreams about Russia in Eurasia", Baltic Rim Economies, Issue 3, 2017 (page 53); "QUAD is good for Japan, and perhaps the US, but is bad for Australia and India", sarkari mirror, New Delhi, 12 November 2018;  "There's one clear winner when US, India, Japan and Co. gang up on China. It is ...", South China Morning Post, 18 November 2017; "The Future of "Eurasia", Indonesian Strategic Review, April-June, 2018;  "Reflecting on Greater Eurasia and its Role in the World", RIAC, 20 April 2018;  "Russia's Huawei 5G Conundrum", Modern Diplomacy, 31 January 2019; "Russia's Huawei 5G Conundrum", RIAC, 11 February 2019; "Russia and China's Positioning Within The Belt & Road, Shanghai Cooperation Organization & Eurasian Economic Union", Silk Road Briefing, 5 August 2019; "Russia and China" Indonesian Strategic Review, October-December 2019; "Russia and China: An uneasy embrace", Defence and Intelligence, Norway, October 2019